August 05, 2022

VMblog 2022 Mega Series Video: Komprise Offers Expertise on the Topic of Unstructured Data Management

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Are you interested in learning more about topics like data management and data protection? Here's your chance to do just that. The VMblog Mega Series is the perfect series for you! As part of the Mega Series, over the next few months, you'll hear from a number of industry experts and leaders across multiple topics to help you make important decisions within your own organization.

In this episode, VMblog is joined by industry expert, Krishna Subramanian, President and COO at Komprise. Komprise is a provider of unstructured data management and mobility software that frees enterprises to easily analyze, mobilize, and monetize the right file and object data across clouds without shackling data to any vendor. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, you can cut 70% of enterprise storage, backup and cloud costs while making data easily available to cloud-based data lakes and analytics tools.

Watch and learn as she provides a quick overview on Komprise and then dives deep into the subject of unstructured data. Find out more about Komprise and where things are headed into 2023. Hear about the most common use cases and the value added by Komprise. And find out about the biggest challenges being faced by their customers, and about the challenges facing enterprise organizations in using cloud-based data lakes, AI and Machine Learning tools.

Subramanian also explores how a company can mitigate those challenges by leveraging affordable analytics platforms and generate new value from data. We also explore the future, as we discuss what forward-thinking companies will be doing with unstructured data management and storage, and, what emerging technologies hold the most promise once they mature.

Learn more about Komprise at their Website:

Brian Ducharme

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