StarWind is the single all-flash-only HCI vendor on the market.

StarWind has been successfully providing consumers worldwide with constantly evolving Enterprise-grade storage virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions at SME-proof price tags for over 15 years now.

The company doesn’t practice vendor lock-in, licensing pitfalls, or feature paywalls. The products are designed to be fire-and-forget and the company's engineers set up to be a click away, making customer IT environment 100% available 24/7/365.

StarWind entertains hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide: from nationwide retail chains and space development companies to modest government offices, colleges, and clinics. All of them are powered by first-class HCI at a democratic price.

Hyperconvergence has emerged as the new IT infrastructure standard. And here, at StarWind, they make sure that businesses of any shape and size can attain that standard accessibly and effectively.


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