May 18, 2023

Inside VeeamON 2023: Van Flowers Explores Cloudian's Object Storage Technology, Optimized for Veeam

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In an era where data protection is paramount, Cloudian emerges as a leading force with its advanced object storage technology and immutability features. In this exclusive VeeamON 2023 interview, VMblog sits down with Van Flowers, senior systems engineer at Cloudian, as we explore the innovative solutions they offer. Flowers sheds light on Cloudian's object storage technology, its immutability capabilities, and how the strategic partnership with Veeam strengthens their data protection offerings. Additionally, Van provides a hands-on demo of their solution, showcasing its effectiveness in safeguarding valuable data.

Understanding Cloudian's Object Storage Technology:

Cloudian's object storage technology revolutionizes data management. Van Flowers explains how their solution enables organizations to store, organize, and manage large volumes of unstructured data with ease. By utilizing a distributed architecture and flexible scalability, Cloudian ensures seamless operations and efficient access to data across various applications and platforms.

The Power of Immutability in Data Protection:

Immutability is a crucial aspect of data protection, and Cloudian excels in this domain. Van Flowers emphasizes the importance of immutability, which prevents unauthorized alterations to stored data. With Cloudian's immutability features, organizations can protect their data from tampering, ensuring its integrity and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Exploring the Cloudian and Veeam Partnership:

Van Flowers discusses the strategic partnership between Cloudian and Veeam, two industry leaders in data protection. Through their collaboration, Cloudian's object storage seamlessly integrates with Veeam's comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. This partnership strengthens data protection capabilities, enabling organizations to safeguard their critical data effectively.

Demo: Showcasing Cloudian's Data Protection Solution:

In this video interview, Van Flowers walks through the Cloudian GUI interface to show how simple it is to use and put things together. He highlights the simplicity and user-friendly nature of the platform, demonstrating how organizations can easily configure and manage their data storage and protection policies, how we can see cluster details, and how things track back to Veeam.

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0:00 - Intro
0:27 - Welcome to Van Flowers, Senior Systems Engineer at Cloudian
0:45 - Background on Cloudian
1:21 - What VeeamON attendees should know about Cloudian
2:29 - What makes your solution unique and differentiated in the market?
3:27 - Exploring the Veeam partnership
4:29 - What's planned for the Cloudian booth at VeeamON?
5:22 - What are the big challenges facing Veeam attendees in 2023 and beyond?
6:34 - Demo
9:49 - How to learn more

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