May 18, 2023

VMblog #VEEAMON 2023 QA: Find Out What Infinidat Has Planned for the Event

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Ready for VeeamOn 2023 Expand?  Will you be in attendance?  Make sure to visit with Infinidat.

VeeamON 2023, the community event for data recovery experts, is taking place both physically in Miami, Florida as well as digitally as an online event. The event kicks off May 22 - 25, 2023 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Get started by reading this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Bill Basinas, Sr.Director Product Marketing at Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions.

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VMblog: Can you give VMblog readers a quick overview of the company?

Bill Basinas: Infinidat is a leader in enterprise storage. We have a product portfolio of both primary storage and second storage. We offer a purpose-built back-up appliance called InfiniGuard. All our solutions are enterprise-class. The company was founded about 11 years ago. We pride ourselves on  extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and our customers are always at the center of our development process. Not only does Infinidat provide high performance, 100% availability and ease of use, but we also ensure that customers have the utmost confidence in our solutions. We provide end-to-end white glove service. Infinidat continues to be a recognized leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 5th time!  We have some of the highest scores in Gartner Peer Insights Reviews with scores of 4.5 and 5 out of 5! Infinidat was recognized as a 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights "Voice of the Customer": Primary Storage. This is the fourth year that Infinidat has been given this honor based on the reviews and ratings of end-users across the globe.

Infinidat has won a slew of awards and recognitions this year. For example, InfiniBox SSA II was selected as the Gold Winner in the Storage Product of the Year "The Best Enterprise Storage Arrays" category, while our InfiniGuard solution was named the Gold Winner in the Storage Product of the Year "The Top Backup and Disaster Recovery Services category." The storage industry analyst firm DCIG also named Infinidat's InfiniBox SSA II / InfiniBox as one of the world's top 5 high-end storage arrays.

VMblog: What will VeeamON attendees be most interested to know about your company/technology?  Why will they want to add you to their MUST SEE list at the show?

Basinas: Cyber resilience is one of the big topics that people want to come talk to us about at Infinidat. Cyberattacks continue to increase as a persistent threat. An enterprise gets hit with an average of 1,168 cyberattacks per week, according to Check Point Research. A loss of $8 trillion from cybercrime worldwide is expected for 2023, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. The average worldwide cost per event at $4.5 million dollars and twice that, $9 million dollars in the  USA.  Cyber resilience is absolutely needed to address cyberattacks, and it involves accurate and fast cyber recovery. It is vital for cyber resilience to be part of the larger cybersecurity strategy of an enterprise. As it relates to Veeam, Infinidat has done important integrations with Veeam. We have a very close relationship with Veeam.

Infinidat's InfiniBox and InfiniGuard solutions have been integrated with the Kasten K10 Kubernetes data backup platform for container-based workloads. InfiniBox and InfiniGuard have been validated with Kasten K10 Kubernetes backup software as source and target devices to provide comprehensive enterprise-grade Kubernetes data protection at scale. This product portfolio-led approach reinforces Infinidat's commitment to Kubernetes, which is gaining more traction among enterprises. InfiniGuard is also integrated with the new Veeam Data Platform, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication v12. Our new certification of InfiniGuard as Veeam Integrated, which builds on our previous certifications, expands our existing tight relationship with Veeam.

VMblog: Diving into your company's technology a bit more, can you give readers a few examples of how your offerings are unique?  What are your differentiators?

Basinas: Infinidat is distinguished for its innovation and a software-defined storage platform approach that combines high capacity, scalability, flexible consumption models, advanced cyber storage resilience, and real-world application performance. We have a unique approach. We have primary and secondary storage that are both built on a common operating system, which we call InfuzeOS. InfuzeOS is a unique operating system that delivers the extensive technical innovations that underpin Infinidat's solutions and powers our enterprise storage platforms with unmatched capabilities and value.

In our primary storage portfolio, we have our InfiniBox SSA II, which is all-flash. Our original product, the InfiniBox hybrid solution, provides up to 17 PB of usable storage, which is a very popular product for people to use as a backup target with Veeam. The InfiniBox SSA II stands as the industry's fastest all-flash storage array with its 35 microseconds of latency measured in customer real world workloads.  We further extend all of this with simple and easy procurements that provides OPEX based storage-as-a-service as well as traditional CAPEX with powerful AIOps integration, multi-protocol  support and cyber storage resilience - all at considerably lower CAPEX and OPEX - are game-changing for the enterprise market.

Over the last past few years, we have also developed and advanced our InfiniGuard purpose-built backup appliance. We took InfiniBox and put several deduplication engines on the frontend of it. It has extremely high capacity from a backup requirements perspective. Moreover, when you look at the cyber resilience that we have built into Infinidat solutions, we have an extremely unique set of capabilities that many of our competitors either don't have and are much more expensive and more complex than ours. We also back our storage solutions with SLA guarantees that are available across all of Infinidat's platforms and consumption models: FLX (Infinidat's storage-as-a-service offering), Elastic Pricing, and traditional purchase.

Our customers can have options on guarantees for performance, cyber recovery and availability. We feel we are unique in the storage industry with providing this broad base of guarantees. We stand behind our products!

VMblog: What does your partnership with Veeam look like?  How does your product fit within the Veeam ecosystem?

Basinas: We have had a longstanding relationship with Veeam. Early on, we saw the use of our InfiniBox as a target for Veeam infrastructure. And now have our InfiniGuard purpose-built back-up appliance. We work very closely with the teams at Veeam. In fact, Veeam is one of the most proactive partners that we have in our partner ecosystem. We love to work with Veeam. Many of our demos that we do around new products is done around Veeam. We have a webinar on the Infinidat website of our doing a live cyber recovery of a 13PB Veeam backup store. Because of our cyber capabilities on the Infinidat platforms, we were able to show recovery of the 13PB backup store in about 12 minutes and we upped the ante more recently, where we did the same kind of live cyber recovery, but with 20PB Veeam backup set, and we did it in only 11 minutes and 55 seconds. Because of our integration with Veeam and how well we work together, end-user customers get the best of both worlds.

In a nutshell, Infinidat's complementary products are ideal solutions for Veeam environments. Working tightly across the Veeam portfolio, Infinidat is well-positioned as an enterprise storage choice to complement Veeam solutions for end-to-end backup at scale. Our integration with Kasten by Veeam for container-based workloads puts Infinidat at the center of the enterprise market's ever-increasing use of containers, giving joint customers peace of mind as they move to large-scale production containers usage.

VMblog: Can you give us a sneak peek as to what you will be showing off at your booth this year?

Basinas: We have many interesting things to show and talk about in the booth. We'll be discussing our cyber resilience capabilities, including cyber recovery capabilities. Backup environments are one of the first targets for ransomware and malware and need to have a rock solid protection strategy. We will be showing how enterprises can combat ransomware, malware and other cyberattacks by boosting cyber resilience in your storage infrastructure.

VMblog:  What are some of the big challenges that you believe VeeamON attendees are facing in 2023?  And how does your company help solve them?

Basinas: The industry has not gotten rid of the age-old problem of having enough time to back up all the data that is needed. It's a recurring problem, which is why performance is so important. Our solutions provide the performance and availability that are needed to address this challenge. Unlike other backup appliances, our solutions scale, and this translates into speed with great throughput. Above that, we are integrating cyber storage resilience. We provide the ability to have immutable snapshots to be isolated in a secure, sterile environment where it can be analyzed. We do it rapidly, which also increases confidence that you are recovery the right data. We make it as seamless and orchestrated as possible.

VMblog: If you were giving the keynote presentation at VeeamON 2023, what would your topic be about?

Basinas: The keynote presentation at VeeamON would be about cyber storage resilience. There is so much to explore around cyber recovery and other adjunct cyber capabilities. It's an important topic for people to understand because of its backdrop related to safeguards against cyberattacks. We are committed to it and making big strides in this area, with more to come in just days!

VMblog: What is it about VeeamON that makes you want to sponsor?

Basinas: VeeamON is one of the MUST-ATTEND shows of the year in our industry. As a company, Veeam is one of our best partners, and they conduct an excellent conference where all the important conversations and presentations will happen to set the priorities for the enterprise market for the rest of the year when it comes to data protection and backup. At VeeamON, we see the coming together of storage capabilities and security capabilities to unlock the full value of Veeam solutions. The VeeamON conference in Miami is the place to be.

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