May 19, 2023

Inside VeeamON 2023: Elton Carneiro Dives into Backblaze's Innovative Technology

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In the era of exponential data growth, organizations require robust and efficient solutions to manage and protect their valuable information. Backblaze, a leading provider of data storage and backup solutions, emerges as a key player in this space. In this exclusive VeeamON 2023 interview, VMblog sits down with Elton Carneiro, senior director of partnerships at Backblaze, to explore their cutting-edge technology and their strategic partnership with Veeam. Elton sheds light on the features and advantages of Backblaze's technology and how their collaboration with Veeam strengthens data management and protection.

Understanding Backblaze's Technology:

Backblaze offers innovative technology designed to address the challenges of data storage and backup. Elton Carneiro provides valuable insights into Backblaze's solutions, emphasizing their scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it's cloud storage, backup, or data migration, Backblaze's technology ensures seamless operations and robust data protection.

The Power of the Backblaze and Veeam Partnership:

Elton Carneiro discusses the strategic partnership between Backblaze and Veeam, two industry leaders in data management and protection. Through this collaboration, Backblaze's technology seamlessly integrates with Veeam's comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. This partnership combines the strengths of both companies, providing organizations with a holistic data management ecosystem that ensures data availability, integrity, and recoverability.

Exploring the Advantages of Backblaze's Technology:

Elton Carneiro sheds light on the advantages offered by Backblaze's technology. He discusses the scalability of their solutions, enabling organizations to accommodate growing data needs seamlessly. Additionally, Elton highlights the reliability and durability of Backblaze's storage infrastructure, ensuring data is protected against loss or corruption. He also explores the cost-effectiveness of Backblaze's technology, providing organizations with efficient data storage and backup solutions without breaking the budget.

Enhancing Data Protection and Management:

Data protection is a critical aspect of any organization's operations. Backblaze's technology empowers organizations to implement comprehensive data protection strategies. With features such as redundancy, encryption, and data immutability, Backblaze ensures that data remains safe, secure, and accessible when needed.

Through their strategic partnership with Veeam, Backblaze solidifies their commitment to empowering organizations with comprehensive data management and protection capabilities. As data continues to be a critical asset in the digital landscape, Backblaze's technology, in collaboration with Veeam, ensures that organizations can effectively manage, protect, and utilize their data assets, enabling them to focus on their core objectives with confidence.

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0:00 - Intro
0:29 - Welcome to Elton Carneiro, senior director of partnerships at Backblaze
0:46 - Background on Backblaze
1:33 - What VeeamON attendees should know about Backblaze
3:07 - What makes it unique and differentiated in the market?
4:05 - Exploring the Veeam partnership
5:17 - What's planned for the Backblaze booth at VeeamON?
7:47 - What are the big challenges facing Veeam attendees in 2023 and beyond?
10:01 - Demo
18:16 - Wrap up

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