May 30, 2024

Cyber-resilient storage for the AI era. VMblog Video Interview with Candida Valois of Scality at VeeamON 2024

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Scality provides object storage for on-premises IT infrastructure. Organizations looking to store and manage critical peta-byte scale data turn to Scality to help them manage and store their unstructured data stores. This includes massive amounts of image files, documents, PDFs, videos and other data that does not sit in a database.

In this exclusive VeeamON 2024 interview, VMblog sits down with Candida Valois, field CTO at Scality, to explore their cutting-edge technology and their strategic partnership with Veeam. Valois sheds light on the features and advantages of Scality's technology and discusses their partnership and how they collaborate with Veeam.

In recent years, Scality has expanded its offering to include cyber-resilient storage solutions that protect data against AI-fueled ransomware. Scality ARTESCA is simple and secure S3 object storage that is built for Veeam to provide ransomware-proof backups; it's designed to provide the strongest form of data immutability plus five levels of cyber resiliency-that Scality refers to as the CORE5.

Valois says ARTESCA is optimized specifically for Veeam and supports all of its object storage capabilities. It is purpose-built for Veeam users and available as a turnkey integrated hardware appliance, making it the easiest-to-deploy solution on the market. In short, it's secure, efficient and simple to use.

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Learn more about ARTESCA and try it out:

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0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Welcome to Candida Valois, field CTO at Scality
0:45 - Background on Scality
1:04 - What VeeamON attendees should know about Scality
2:17 - What makes it unique and differentiated in the market?
5:44 - Exploring the Veeam partnership
8:10 - What are the big challenges facing Veeam attendees in 2024 and beyond?
9:59 - Demo
15:23 - Wrap up

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