April 22, 2024

VMblog DISRUPT 2024 QA: CHERRY will showcase its IGEL Ready certified solutions, its new reader capabilities, and demo its keyboard technology

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Ready for DISRUPT 2024 in Miami?  Will you be in attendance?  Make sure to visit with CHERRY.

DISRUPT is back. Bigger and better than ever before. And this year, "Now & Next" will be a central theme at IGEL DISRUPT 24.

DISRUPT 2024 is perhaps the single most important EUC event of the year - bringing together the leading disruptors of the EUC universe.  The event takes place in Miami, Florida, from April 29 through May 1, at the Diplomat Beach Resort.

Get started by reading this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Dale Ludwig, Business Development Manager at CHERRY.

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VMblog:  Let's kick things off by asking you to tell us a little bit about the company.

Dale Ludwig:  CHERRY is a leading provider of computer input devices for various markets, including Office, Industrial, Government, and Healthcare. Our keyboards and keyswitches are the basis of Cherry DNA.  We offer a wide variety of configurations whether you need a durable keyboard for input or integrations to support secure communications or provide access control.  

CHERRY is regarded as the standard of quality, innovation, and sustainability.  We invite you to try typing on one of our keyboards to experience the difference.

VMblog:  Talk about your technology, what problems do you solve?  And how are you considered unique?

Ludwig:  CHERRY offers a convenient solution for access control with keyboards featuring built-in contact and contactless card readers. This all-in-one design keeps your desktop clutter-free and easy to clean. In addition, the single USB connection simplifies setup for your thin client. Whether you choose wired or wireless keyboard, they are available with encrypted communication to safeguard your data.

VMblog:  How do you partner with IGEL?  What does that partnership look like?  How long have you been a partner? What do you plan to show off at your booth at IGEL DISRUPT 2024?

Ludwig:  CHERRY has had products certified IGEL Ready for over 4 years.  We have worked with IGEL's exceptional engineering and sales teams to deliver a unique, secure endpoint solution with encrypted communications.  We are now working to expand our product offering with additional reader capabilities (Seos, BLE, FIDO2).  See our demo keyboard at Disrupt. 

VMblog:  What is it that you like about the DISRUPT event?  Why do you believe this is a much needed event?

Ludwig:  At DISRUPT, CHERRY can leverage the passionate audience to showcase the integration of our products with IGEL's  infrastructure. This will not only provide the platform to demonstrate our product but also to gain valuable insights. By understanding the audience's needs and future challenges, CHERRY can gain valuable feedback to inform the development of next-generation products that will empower administrators with even stronger endpoint security.                

VMblog:  Thinking about security in EUC, what is your company focusing on to help address any market security challenges?

Ludwig:  The rise of cyber threats is a growing concern in the EUC market, demanding robust security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and endpoint management for secure access and data protection. Recognizing this growing need, particularly in healthcare and government sectors, CHERRY is expanding its focus beyond our current solutions. We're developing secure, sealed, multi-device-connected input devices specifically tailored for these security-conscious environments.

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