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Brian Ducharme

Brian is an event reporter for and an expert in virtualization/cloud techonlogies.  In his 15+ years of experience in the virtualization/cloud field he has interviewed hundreds of companies, users and executives.  Brian has been an active member of the NEVMUG (NEVTUG) since 2006 and attends both vmworld and Citrix Synergy every year.  Brian works full time as a Senior Software Engineer for Liquidware Labs.

Brian also spent 5 years as the managing editor of Virtual Strategy Magazine, an online magazine focused on the virtualization industry and has been with vmblog since 2011. He has a background in Computer Graphics, Marketing, Programming, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Linux Administration and is an active member of the NHJS group. 


July 15, 2022


Parallels® RAS is an all-in-one remote work solution that provides secure virtual access to business applications and desktops on any device or OS—from anywhere. The platform offers an agile, cloud-ready foundation and end-to-end security fueled by a centralized management console with granular policies. Companies can leverage on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud deployments and integrate with existing technology like Microsoft Azure and AWS.

With Parallels RAS, organizations gain the flexibility, scalability, and IT agility to quickly adapt to changing business needs. Best of all, Parallels RAS offers a single, full-featured licensing model that includes 24/7 support and access to free training. 

Why Parallels RAS? 

  • Outstanding user experience—work from anywhere, on any device. 
  • Enhanced data security and compliance—centralized management console with granular policies.  
  • IT agility and business readiness—flexible hosting solutions to quickly scale and adapt.  
  • All-in-one solution—easy to deploy, configure, and maintain. 
  • Reduced total cost of ownership—supports BYOD and includes a simple licensing model.   
  • Always-on support—access to 24/7 support and free training. 


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July 05, 2022


MinIO is a high-performance, Kubernetes-native object store. Natively integrated with Tanzu, MinIO’s open source, software-defined, S3 compatible system is multi-cloud optimized. MinIO supports workloads as diverse as AI/ML, analytics, archival and cloud apps from a single, multi-tenant instance.


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June 20, 2022


StarWind is the single all-flash-only HCI vendor on the market.

StarWind has been successfully providing consumers worldwide with constantly evolving Enterprise-grade storage virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions at SME-proof price tags for over 15 years now.

The company doesn’t practice vendor lock-in, licensing pitfalls, or feature paywalls. The products are designed to be fire-and-forget and the company's engineers set up to be a click away, making customer IT environment 100% available 24/7/365.

StarWind entertains hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide: from nationwide retail chains and space development companies to modest government offices, colleges, and clinics. All of them are powered by first-class HCI at a democratic price.

Hyperconvergence has emerged as the new IT infrastructure standard. And here, at StarWind, they make sure that businesses of any shape and size can attain that standard accessibly and effectively.


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Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Backup Appliance from StarWind

StarWind SAN & NAS

VMblog speaks with Danny Allan, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for Product Strategy about day two at the company's VeeamON 2022 event in Las Vegas.

Allan highlights current and future-ready Veeam innovations as part of VeeamON 2022, including Veeam Backup & Replication v12, Veeam Backup for Salesforce and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7. Allan describes the modern data explosion taking place and all the things we can do and problems we can solve with that data.  Security and ransomware were hot topics during day 2 of the VeeamON event. Against a backdrop of increased cyber threats, exponential data growth and relentless cloud adoption, protecting data and systems at scale has become a must-have for organizations of all sizes around the world. Veeam has taken all of that into account with this latest release.

VMblog speaks with Anand Eswaran, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Matthew Bishop, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Veeam about day one at the company's VeeamON 2022 event.

Eswaran talks about the explosion of data, and the increasing amount of ransomware attacks in recent years, what company's need to do and what plans they need to put in place, and how Veeam can help. Bishop talk about Veeam being a growth company, announcing YoY growth, and the company is working towards reinventing themselves to continue that growth and capitalize on certain vectors of growth, offering multi-products and an entire portfolio of products to their customers. 

VMblog visits with Object First during #VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas, a brand new company brought to you by Veeam founders Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov, promising to supercharge your Veeam experience.

Object First represents the ever-increasing need for next-generation immutable object storage that isn't locked into a remote location or monthly bill. What they have built offers instead all of the immutability and security that comes with S3-based cloud storage but is owned and stored locally, and they simplified that too! Object First can be up and running and storing Veeam Backups immutably in under 15 minutes.

Watch and learn more from our conversation at VeeamON.

VMblog visits with Wasabi during #VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas to learn more about their hot cloud storage solution, providing simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world.

Wasabi partners and customers love them for its simplicity. They've eliminated the complex pricing tiers you see elsewhere, as well as the unpredictable fees like egress and API requests to allow for simple and predictable pricing. Their cloud object storage is 100% bit-compatible with the S3 API, enabling Wasabi to integrate with the industry's leading applications, including Veeam, so customers don't have to rip and replace their existing solutions. Wasabi's deep integration with Veeam also supports object lock functionality for immutable cloud storage, offering an additional layer of protection from security threats like ransomware.

Watch and learn more from our conversation at VeeamON.

VMblog visits with Backblaze during #VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas. They are a leading independent storage cloud platform, making it astonishingly easy to store, use, and protect data. They provide an easy approach to modern data protection in the cloud, and do so at a fraction of the price of other vendors. Backblaze's B2 Cloud Storage is differentiated by its ease of use, affordability, security, and their trusted track record.

As a Veeam Ready-Object certified partner, customers can tier backups to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. Importantly, Backblaze B2 also supports the Object Lock feature, which Veeam takes advantage of to make customers' backups immutable and therefore protected from ransomware.

Watch and learn more from our conversation at VeeamON.

VMblog visits with Cloudian during VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas to learn more about their ransomware protection and sovereign cloud solutions.

Cloudian is a leader in data management software for the hybrid cloud. Ransomware protection continues to be a huge concern. Cloudian and Veeam together offer a solution that enables users to quickly recover from an unencrypted backup copy in the event of an attack without having to pay ransom. It can also be implemented as a Ransomware Protection-as-a-Service offering with Cloudian's unique service provider-ready Object Lock mode designed to work with Veeam. In addition, Cloudian has the most security certifications of any on-prem object storage, making it ideal for sensitive data.

Watch and learn more from our conversation at VeeamON.

VMblog visits with StarWind during #VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas to learn more about their new NVMe-based Backup Appliance, the future of HCI, and learn more about other revolutionary new products being worked on.

At the event, StarWind is talking about the leaps forward they've taken in unlocking the true potential of modern storage infrastructures with NVMe over Fabric and the practical application of it in building ultra-dense, high-performance systems, with literally no drawbacks. Though they've been an SME-focused vendor, they've always managed to provide that Enterprise feature set, while still having that SME -friendly cost.

Watch and learn more from our conversation at VeeamON.

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