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September 15, 2021


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NVIDIA offering for AI Enterprise  is  an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of  AI and data analytics software,  optimized, certified, and supported by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere  with  NVIDIA-Certified  Systems.  It includes key enabling technologies  from NVIDIA for  rapid deployment, management, and scaling of AI workloads  in the modern hybrid cloud.


Nvidia AI Enterprise

Lenovo collaborates with NVIDIA and VMware to bring AI to the Enterprise

September 10, 2021


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Citrix workspace software delivers the business technology that creates a simple, secure and better way to work from anywhere and on any device. After three decades as an industry pioneer, we’ve learned a few lessons. Like what it really takes to bridge the gap between employee productivity and innovative thinking. And how a new generation of technologies can help people quiet the noise and focus on the work that matters most. That’s why we’re committed to delivering intelligent, unified workspaces that allow individuals to take control of their work days—and empower organizations to achieve more.


CVAD Service Interactive Demo

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service TEI Study infographic

Citrix Peer Paper: Making the Move to DaaS: Aligning Security with Productivity

August 30, 2021


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Liquit’s story began in the Netherlands in 2015, when its three founders recognized a glaring hole in the application management services available to businesses.

Leveraging their decades of collective application management experience, they sought to create a one-stop solution able to fulfill all of an organization’s application management needs simply and efficiently, reducing the workload for IT teams and removing pain points for end-users.

The result Liquit, an end-to-end application management platform that immediately raised the bar for what an application solution can mean to a business. Incredibly intuitive, highly flexible, and technology agnostic, Liquit provides its clients with a competitive advantage that increases productivity, reduces costs, and empowers the work-from-anywhere capabilities that have become a necessity in today’s market.

The game-changing nature of Liquit has not only made our customers happy, but also attracted accolades from business and technology leaders, including being designated as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2018.

Today Liquit continues to expand its presence around the globe, constantly innovating to provide our clients with tomorrow’s application solutions before they even realize they need them.


Website: www.liquit.com

Whitepaper: 8 Keys to Achieving Anywhere Operations

Liquit’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/liquit

July 30, 2021


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CloudCasa is a powerful and easy to use Kubernetes and cloud database backup service for DevOps and IT Ops teams.

As a SaaS data protection solution, CloudCasa removes the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure, while providing the same level of application-consistent data protection and disaster recovery that traditional backup solutions provide for server-based applications.

CloudCasa is built and supported by Catalogic Software, a provider of enterprise data protection and management solutions for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, and Kubernetes and cloud database backup.

Learn more, follow us here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CloudCasa

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cloudcasa/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CloudCasaio

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCip05bB3PAcmV1MmJ0IvJNA/





June 30, 2021

Morpheus Data

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Morpheus is a powerful self-service engine to provide enterprise agility, control, and efficiency. Quickly enable on-prem private clouds, centralize public cloud access, and orchestrate change with cost analytics, governance policy, and automation.

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