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September 02, 2022


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Portnox is the only cloud-native network access control (NAC) solution that unifies essential network and endpoint security capabilities: device discovery, network authentication, access control, network hardware administration, risk mitigation and compliance enforcement. As a cloud service, Portnox is vendor agnostic and eliminates the need for on-going maintenance such as upgrades and patches and requires no on-site appliances.


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Whitepaper: Cyber Security Essentials
Why IT security Pros love Portnox

August 25, 2022


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JumpCloud changes the way IT administrators manage their organizations by providing a comprehensive and flexible open cloud directory platform. From a single pane of glass, manage user identities and resource access, secure Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and get a full view of your environment.

For IT admins looking to streamline IT management and adopt a Zero Trust Security posture, JumpCloud's open directory platform offers:

  • Secure directory services
  • Unified device management
  • SSO and user lifecycle management
  • Secure network authentication with cloud RADIUS
  • Secure app and server authentication with cloud LDAP
  • Directory-level integration with Active Directory, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365
  • Event logging, reporting, and monitoring
  • API automation and tools

Key Features:

Open Directory Platform
Use a modern console to simplify your operations and take control of your environment, no matter where your users and devices are located. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Intuitive web interface for IT management across users and resources
  • No hardware, maintenance, or upgrades required
  • Streamlined user onboarding, offboarding, and access workflows — with one set of secure credentials per user

Identity, Access, and Device Management
One Directory to Rule Them All® – Manage user access to any resource and major operating system with the only open directory platform built to adapt to your environment. Protocol-driven and agent-based controls mean you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

  • Open directory with protocols including SAML/SCIM, LDAP, and RADIUS
  • Full user lifecycle management across SSO applications and other resources
  • Complete user account and configuration management across Mac, Windows, and Linux

Zero Trust Security and Compliance
Deploy cutting-edge security measures with ease using built-in tools, implementing a modern Zero Trust security framework and achieving compliance while keeping your end users productive.

  • Set password complexity requirements and control multi-factor authentication (MFA) across access points
  • Configure devices with templated policies for controls like full disk encryption, plus execute custom commands
  • Apply conditional access policies to control which devices and networks access resources
  • Export directory, event, and device data for auditing and compliance requirements
  • Implement security controls in line with GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC, and other industry standards

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eBook: The IT Professional’s Complete Guide to Calculating TCO

August 23, 2022


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Vicarius helps IT and Security teams protect their most critical apps and assets against software exploitation through TOPIA, the company’s autonomous end-to-end vulnerability management and remediation platform. Founded by three security experts and backed by tier one investors from Silicon Valley, Vicarius’ mission is to provide customers with problem-solving solutions that proactively reduce risk wherever computer software resides. Learn more at https://vicarius.io


August 17, 2022


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Runecast Solutions Ltd. is a leading global provider of a patented enterprise IT platform which saves IT Security and Operations teams time and money by enabling a proactive approach to ITOM, CSPM and compliance. Forward-focused enterprises like Avast, DocuSign, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) rely on Runecast for proactive risk mitigation, security compliance, operational efficiency and mission-critical stability. Headquartered in London, U.K., Runecast is a Gartner Cool Vendor and has won Computing awards for Cloud Security Product of the Year and Best Place to Work in Digital. To add proactive to your IT strategy, visit www.runecast.com.

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August 15, 2022


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Tintri, a wholly owned subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), delivers purpose-built solutions to store and manage virtual machines in enterprise data centers.  Thousands of customers have saved countless administrative hours using Tintri’s innovative technologies. 

Explore the Tintri portfolio of solutions here:




August 11, 2022


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Today, the world of work is hybrid. Multiple clouds can deliver applications sourced from anywhere to a widely distributed workforce using all types of devices. Right at the moment when the world of work needs it most, IGEL has the solution for fully managed, secure endpoint access to any digital workspace that gives IT teams strong control and end-users the freedom to work as they wish in a hybrid world. Enabling choice of any cloud, from any device, anywhere, IGEL unlocks a collaborative and productive end user computing experience while solving the common security and management challenges required to compete and win in today’s world of hybrid work. With a growing ecosystem of more than 100 IGEL Ready technology partners, IGEL has offices in Europe and the United States and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on IGEL, visit www.igel.com.


IGEL and VMware partnership


August 10, 2022


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Komprise delivers an analytics-driven SaaS platform to manage and mobilize all your unstructured data. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, enterprise IT teams can easily analyze, search and use unstructured data across silos to deliver greater visibility, mobility and value. Komprise customers save over 70% on storage, backup and cloud costs with intelligent data tiering, move to the cloud 27x faster with smart data migration and see a dramatic reduction in time spent preparing data for analytics workflows with our Global File Index. Save and make money on your unstructured data with Komprise. 

With Komprise you can see and manage across storage silos and deliver data services to your lines of business. Komprise delivers: 

  1. Visibility: Analyze, search, tag and take action. 
  1. Mobility: Tier, migrate and mobilize data sets to optimal storage resources, which we call "right placing." 
  1. Data Value: Empower users with AI-ready data that can be natively accessed by cloud analytics tools.  
Komprise Smart Data Management
The Unstructured Data Maturity Index E-Book
August 10, 2022


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Rimo3 provides unattended automation to test application readiness for Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, and App Volumes, as well as identifying MSIX and Multi-session suitability. By leveraging automation to collect application insights, Rimo3 helps IT organizations speed the time to delivery and minimize risk in deploying security updates and other ongoing changes in desktop and server environments, across physical, virtual, and cloud workspaces. Streamline operations, optimize resources, lower costs, and improve end-user productivity. Your apps, your workspace, our priority.
August 03, 2022


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No matter the IT environment or device, Tricerat's enterprise print management software delivers simplified print administration, reduces help desk tickets, and provides an exceptional user experience. Administrators are able to manage, assign, edit, and organize printers and scanners from a single pane of glass. Print reporting provides IT departments with the ability to easily manage consumables and track printer-related statistics. Tricerat is proud to be headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and serve over 10,000 customers globally. 


Enterprise Print And Scan Management
EBOOK: 7 Industries Made More Efficient Through Smarter Printing – Is Yours One of Them?
Tricerat: ScrewDrivers® Overview

August 02, 2022

Bright Data

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Bright Data is an industry-leading web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve public web data in the most efficient, reliable, and flexible way so they can research, monitor and analyse it to make better and faster decisions.


VMblog 2022 Mega Series Q&A: Bright Data Explores and Educates on Data Management and Modern Web Data Platforms

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