August 11, 2023

HPE Delivers Digital Transformation Solutions Tailored to Customer Needs

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) customer-first approach is critical when it comes to solving customer needs. Hear from Joseph George, Global VP, Strategic Alliances Marketing at HPE, on how HPE works with customers to deliver solutions they want and how the company, VMware's 2023 Partner of the Year, works closely with VMware to deliver custom strategic solutions. HPE executives are optimistic about the possibilities of VMware cross-cloud managed services because they mesh so well with HPE GreenLake and hybrid cloud, making customers successful from the edge to the cloud.

Many HPE customers are standardized on VMware vSphere, Joseph George says. As many of these customers progress on their digital transformation journeys, HPE turns to solutions such as vSan Ready Nodes, part of a hyperconverged infrastructure solution. For customers wanting to delve farther into their hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions, HPE relies on VMware Cloud Foundations to fulfill their needs.

"It's about making things as frictionless as possible," Joseph George says. "... When it comes to VMware across cloud-managed services, it's one less thing for a customer to have to worry about. It lets them know that they can focus on their business while HPE and VMware enable their business."

One example of how HPE delivers value to its customers is HPE's customer Stelmet, which was going through the digital transformation phase and came to HPE looking to migrate its SAP instance to the new SAP S/4HANA instance with an HPE and VMware solution, Joseph George explains. With an HPE and VMware solution, Stelmet now has the process and efficiency in place for a successful migration, resulting in a 60% to 70% process improvement, data reduction of 10.6 terabytes and optimization in terms of process and orders.

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