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VMBlog speaks with Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix and Oded Haner, CTO of HotLink.  Equinix is a large customer of HotLink and in this exclusive interivew, Brian Lillie explains how they use HotLink and what problems they help solve.


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August 26, 2014

HotLink - VMworld 2014

VMBlog speaks with Lynn LeBlanc and Oded Haner at vmworld 2014

Published in VMWorld 2014

With New Enhancements, HotLink Transforms VMware vCenter Into Hybrid IT Management Hub; Eliminates Complexity, Deployment Barriers for Cross-Platform Production Workloads

Santa Clara, Calif., August 5, 2014 - HotLink® Corporation, the market leader in transformation solutions for hybrid IT management, today announced major enhancements to its HotLink Hybrid Express™ and HotLink DR Express™ solutions. Leveraging patented transformation technology, HotLink’s latest product releases enable easy deployment of hybrid production workloads at scale, provide advanced analytics spanning on- and off-premise resources, and deliver even tighter integration between VMware vCenter and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a dramatically simple and cost-effective administration and management infrastructure for enterprise-class hybrid IT deployments. 

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As part of VMblog's live VMworld 2014 coverage coming up next month, we're getting our schedule ready to learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can.  The event is always jam packed with information coming in from every which way, so it is important to come up with a good game plan to try and follow as best you can throughout the event.  And part of our game plan will be to walk the exhibitor show floor and meet with as many vendors as possible.  And one of those must see vendors on my list is HotLink.

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August 28, 2013

HotLink - vmworld 2013

VMblog speaks with Lynn LeBlanc, CEO & Founder of Hotlink at their booth at vmworld about their new product HotLink DR express

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August 28, 2012

HotLink - vmworld 2012

VMblog's video interview with HotLink's CEO Lynn LeBlanc during VMworld 2012.  The company recently added Cloud support to it's virtualization management software.  All management of multiple hypervisors and the cloud can be done from within VMware vCenter.

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