HotLink Hybrid IT technologies are easy-to-implement solutions for deploying, administering and managing all of your hybrid on- and off-premise resources — using your existing VMware vCenter infrastructure. There is no prerequisite of any other management consoles, databases, connectors, directors, new templates, service catalogs or professional services — it's Express!

HotLink provides the only solution to natively extend your existing management environment to multiple hypervisors and public clouds (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Red Hat KVM), so you can consolidate deployment, administration and management of all on and off-premise resources with a single pane of glass — VMware vCenter. HotLink's unique transformation technology abstracts platforms and workloads so your existing VMware vCenter console treats them just like vSphere hosts and virtual machines — fully integrated and managed as a unified pool of resources. Only with HotLink can you:

  • Natively extend VMware vCenter to multiple hypervisors & public clouds
  • Migrate workloads cross-platform with a point & click
  • Create, use and manage hybrid snapshots
  • Convert workloads bi-directionally
  • Utilize existing templates in hybrid environments
  • Standardize policies across on and off-premise
  • Apply automation across hybrid resources

Because HotLink natively integrates all your hybrid resources, VMware vCenter compatible orchestration tools, service catalogs and self-service portals work seamlessly out-of-the-box. You can now apply the most cost effective mix of hybrid resources without sacrificing the ability to interoperate and seamlessly manage across your environment. No other hybrid management solution provides the simplicity, flexibility, ease of deployment and cost savings of HotLink.

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