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Looking for answers for your organization on how to better solve problems with migrating employees to a Work From Home format?  Watch this VMblog WFH video interview, as Stacy Leidwinger, CMO of Goliath Technologies, shares her expertise on a number of topics from virtual desktops on Citrix and VMware Horizon, to how to help people effectively work remotely while keeping team members productive.  Find out how Goliath solutions can help enable a work from home strategy.

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About a third of Americans are now working from home, more ever than before.  And quite simply, that's due in large part because of COVID-19 and the pandemic that was unleashed across the globe this year. 

In this latest VMblog #WorkFromHome Series, we're exploring what technology means in this current paradigm shift of working remotely.  And in order to do that, we're reaching out to industry experts to help shine a light on the subject.  We're asking these experts to offer up their opinions and advice on what's taking place now and where things go in the future. 

In this Q&A, VMblog connected with industry expert, Stacy Leidwinger, Chief Marketing Officer at Goliath Technologies, to learn more about troubleshooting and documenting the remote worker experience. 

Published in Work From Home 2020
June 13, 2020

Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies offers end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software for organizations using desktop virtualization from Citrix or VMware. Our technology is like adding two experts to your staff that are dedicated to delivering a great end-user experience. We automatically discover your Citrix or VMware Environment and identify what to monitor, the thresholds to set, and then alert when thresholds are exceeded for all potential events, conditions, and failure points regarding end-user performance.

We do this across all industries, but we are known as the Health IT Standard because we understand the unique challenges facing healthcare IT professionals and have unique capabilities to solve those challenges. Goliath offers purpose-built modules for all major EHR systems (Epic, MEDITECH, Allscripts, and Cerner). We integrate performance metrics from the EHR application, end-user experience, and the IT delivery infrastructure into one console to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document end-user experience issues more effectively.

At Goliath, we are passionate about helping IT professionals reduce the professional pain associated with managing hybrid IT environments along with end-user performance expectations. We enable organizations to successfully launch new initiatives like remote worker programs, BYOD, and moves to the cloud by ensuring that the end-user experience is seamless and uninterrupted regardless of device, location, or individual behavior.  We do this by helping quickly isolate root cause, resolve, and then prevent performance issues such as: logon failures, slow logons, and poor session performance.

Follow Goliath:

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/goliath-technologies-llc/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoliathSolution

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/GoliathTech/featured


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VMblog speaks with Stacy Leidwinger of Goliath Technologies during the IGEL DISRUPT 2020 event in Nashville, TN.

Goliath Technologies helps organizations around the globe anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end-user experience issues regardless of where their IT workloads or users are located.

They have transformed their customer IT teams from being reactive to proactive by anticipating performance issues before end users are ever impacted. And they offer purpose-built modules for EHR applications (Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH) and can isolate the root cause of poor performance for clinicians regardless if the issue resides in the underlying IT delivery stack, EHR application, or end-user behavior.

Published in IGEL Disrupt 2020

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