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In this episode, VMblog is joined by industry expert, Orest Lesyuk, solutions engineer at StarWind Software. Watch and learn as he provides a quick overview on StarWind, and then dives deep into the subject matter of data protection and data management.

Listen in to gain a better understanding of the things that companies should be looking for in a modern data protection solution. Learn how a company can recover from ransomware and why a good data protection platform is key. And find out what capabilities are important for a company to look for and require when picking a disaster recovery solution for their organization. Lesyuk explains how his company's technology helps facilitate customer resiliency. And he offers a number of key examples on how StarWind's offerings are unique and differentiated in the market.

Welcome to the VMblog 2021 Mega Series where we'll be covering a number of important topics throughout the coming months.  In this series, you'll be hearing from the industry leaders and experts in order to help you make important decisions within your own organization.  Follow along for a chance to better understand a number of topics and find out more about some of the best technologies available out there in the industry.  

In today's VMblog Mega Series Q&A, we're speaking with industry expert, Orest Lesyuk, Solutions Engineer at StarWind, and we're diving into the topic of data management and data protection.  

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