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As we wrap up the 2021 VMblog Mega Series Q&A series, we speak with Sathya Sankaran, Chief Operating Officer at Catalogic Software, and we're diving into the topic of Kubernetes and containers.

In this episode of the VMblog Mega Series, we are joined by industry expert, Sathya Sankaran, Chief Operating Officer at Catalogic Software.  Watch and learn as he provides a quick overview on Catalogic, and explores data protection and disaster recovery opportunities within the Kubernetes community.

What are the unique opportunities and challenges in this market?  And how is Catalogic positioned to address those opportunities?  Sankaran also discusses their CloudCasa service in more detail, and explains why they made snapshots free to their users.  He also talks about data protection and ransomware within the Kubernetes community, cloud vs. on-premises, as well as the company's product decision making and product roadmap.

And stick around for a demo at the end to see it in action for yourself.

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