ngrok is a secure unified ingress platform that combines global server load balancing, reverse proxy, firewall, API gateway, and Kubernetes Ingress Controller to deliver applications and APIs across every stage of the development lifecycle from any cloud, datacenter, or home network. ngrok brings secure ingress to your test/dev environments, external networks you don't control as well as apps and APIs in production. Over 5 million developers use ngrok for testing webhooks and previewing apps and the world’s top technology brands — including Microsoft, GitHub, Okta, Shopify, Zoom and Twilio — advocate ngrok as a key integration partner. ngrok is venture-backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Coatue.  Learn more at

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Databricks accelerates time to value at scale with ngrok

Kubernetes ingress with ngrok and Hashicorp Consul

Static domains available now for all ngrok users

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