June 16, 2020

VMblog Work From Home Series Video Interview with Jason Smith of Liquidware

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As a company that enables organizations to facilitate a work from home strategy, Liquidware is a champion of remote working. As an industry expert in the end user computing and desktop virtualization field, Jason Smith provides answers to a number of important questions in this modern #WorkFromHome situation that many companies woke up one day to find themselves in without a lot of planning or preparation in most cases.

Many of Liquidware's staff work remotely and they are now seeing many of their customers coming to them for advice on how to best deploy and manage their corporate desktops to their employees' homes. There is a certain amount of concern in how companies can monitor their employees - mainly to ensure they can have a good user experience but also to ensure they are being productive. Smith says Liquidware can allay those concerns with their solutions and strongly encourage those organizations that aren't sure about trusting their workforce that they should. Liquidware sees overall employee productivity being increased, not decreased, when working from home.

Looking for answers for your own organization on how to solve problems with migrating employees to a work from home format?  Watch and learn in this VMblog Work From Home series video.

Jason Smith will answer questions on how this switch is affecting companies, workers, and infrastructure.  Find out some of the big questions being asked by companies and how Liquidware is responding.  Smith also explains what types of technologies are beneficial with this paradigm switch, as well as how Liquidware technologies can help.  He also offers up tips and tricks, as well as what he thinks the future holds.

Check out the entire VMblog Work From Home Series here: https://events.vmblog.com/work-from-home-2020.html

Want more information from Liquidware?  You can also take a look at these "Work From Home" assets on Liquidware's website:

Work From Home Workspace Strategies Whitepaper: https://info.liquidware.com/New-WFH-Whitepaper_Whitepaper-Landing-Page.html

Work From Home Solutions Page: https://www.liquidware.com/solutions/desktop-disaster-recovery/wfh

Speed The Adoption of Work From Home On-Demand Webinar: https://www.liquidware.com/videos/webinar-archive/speed-adoption-work-home-practices

Brian Ducharme

Brian is an event reporter for VMBlog.com and an expert in virtualization/cloud techonlogies.  In his 15+ years of experience in the virtualization/cloud field he has interviewed hundreds of companies, users and executives.  Brian has been an active member of the NEVMUG (NEVTUG) since 2006 and attends both vmworld and Citrix Synergy every year.  Brian works full time as a Senior Software Engineer for Liquidware Labs.

Brian also spent 5 years as the managing editor of Virtual Strategy Magazine, an online magazine focused on the virtualization industry and has been with vmblog since 2011. He has a background in Computer Graphics, Marketing, Programming, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Linux Administration and is an active member of the NHJS group. 



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