August 09, 2019

VMworld 2019 Q&A: ThinPrint Will Showcase ThinPrint Hub, ezeep for Perfect Printing with Windows Virtual Desktops and More at Booth 1663

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Are you attending VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, CA?  If so, I invite you to add ThinPrint to your MUST SEE list of vendors. 

With so many vendors exhibiting at VMworld, how do you know which booths to visit and who to get on your busy schedule?  Well, definitely ThinPrint.  VMblog has been following ThinPrint for many years, and they never disappoint with what they show off at these events.  We met with ThinPrint a few months ago at Citrix Synergy 2019, and it was time well spent.  At VMworld, they promise to bring out the technology!  One of them being ezeep – ThinPrint’s printing solution for Azure-hosted Windows 10 multi-session desktops – it ensures secure and easy connectivity to existing print environments and smooth printing from any device. 

Read this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Henning Volkmer of ThinPrint to learn what the company has planned for the upcoming VMworld 2019 event.


VMblog:  As a VMworld 2019 sponsor, how can attendees find you this year? 

Henning Volkmer:  Our team is in booth 1663, right next to our partner IGEL. We're bringing a team from all over the world, so be sure to stop by and say hello to those you usually only meet digitally.

VMblog:  Is there anything unique about this year's booth setup?  Do you have a theme? 

Volkmer:  Our space themed booth last year was a big hit, so we're sticking to that but with updated images to honor the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. We learned about a company that's trying to send a pair of rovers to the moon to visit the original Lunar Roving Vehicle and study what we can learn for future endeavors from materials no human has looked at in space since 1972.

VMblog:  Wow, that's REALLY cool, I can't wait to see it.  Can you give readers a few reasons why your product or service is considered unique? 

Volkmer:  Printing has been a crucial part of IT for decades and will continue to do so. Studies ( indicate that younger generations who have not been exposed to the idea of the paperless office for most of their lives actually like printing documents more than their older peers.

After many years of companies carefully making their first steps into the cloud, rethinking how workflows should be designed, embracing remote and mobile workers, re-designing offices to look feel and function like co-working spaces and shared offices it is evident that these trends are becoming mainstream principles for companies large and small.

Technology vendors are being asked to support these trends and have stepped up to do so. With simplified connectivity for branch offices, centralized management of widely distributed environments, support for remote and mobile workers, printing as a cloud service to seamlessly connect printers, applications and users and more are ThinPrint's contribution to empower customers and partners to innovate and make their mark on their industry.

Whether companies are thinking about using VMware Horizon (or Citrix or Microsoft virtual desktops) move infrastructure to Azure, AWS, Google cloud or other clouds, simplifying their EMR/ERP setups or debating whether to remain on-premises or continue to move to the cloud, ThinPrint has the best solution for them. Cloud Service Providers looking to enhance their infrastructure and offerings are encouraged to take a look at our solutions as well.

VMblog:  Can you give VMblog readers a sneak peek as to what you will be showing off at your booth this year?  What should attendees expect to see and hear at your booth?

Volkmer:  We're bringing a whole range of innovation that we've worked on since VMworld last year. ThinPrint Hub, the easiest and most effective way to connect branch offices, doctors offices, clinics etc. to the cloud or a data center has seen massive updates especially the centralized management developed in cooperation with our partner Stratodesk.

ThinPrint's ezeep for Azure has become Microsoft's chosen print solution for printing with Windows Virtual Desktops, and we're exited to show it to the VMworld audience so they can integrate it with VMware's solutions for WVD.

The overall ezeep platform has seen a ton of updates since last year, and we'd encourage those to stop by who'd like to see how they can integrate any device from laptops to Macs to mobile device and chrome books into their existing print infrastructure with one easy to use cloud solution.

We have a few more things in the works, but we're keeping them under wraps for now. Stop by our booth to find out more.

VMblog:  A man of mystery, I like it!  How does your company and product fit within the VMware ecosystem?

Volkmer:  ThinPrint has provided printing for VMware Horizon View and it's predecessors since it was first released and is as closely integrated with VMware as possible. Through our partnership with Microsoft and the corresponding work for WVD, we can make sure we cover any virtual desktop solution a customer or partner is building with VMware.

VMblog:  What are you looking forward to most at VMworld this year?

Volkmer:  We're always looking forward to seeing everyone. There are so many old friends at VMworld and so many new faces to get to know, so many interesting conversations to be had.

VMblog:  Do you have any tips for first time attendees of VMworld that you'd like to share?

Volkmer:  Embrace the community. VMworld is an extraordinary opportunity to meet other people in the same industry, solve problems together, develop ideas together and most importantly: Make friends for life.

VMblog:  Attendees always enjoy a good trade show tchotchke.  Are you guys giving away anything special or interesting this year?

Volkmer:  Of course we will. We'll have our amazingly comfortable t-shirts and a few surprises that you'll have to come by to find out about. We're in booth 1663.


VMblog:  I'll admit, the T-Shirts from ThinPrint are SUPER comfortable.  And creative.  I can't wait to snag another one this year.


David Marshall

David Marshall has been involved in the technology industry for over 19 years, and he's been working with virtualization software since 1999. He was able to become an industry expert in virtualization by becoming a pioneer in that field - one of the few people in the industry allowed to work with Alpha stage server virtualization software from industry leaders: VMware (ESX Server), Connectix and Microsoft (Virtual Server).

Through the years, he has invented, marketed and helped launch a number of successful virtualization software companies and products. David holds a BS degree in Finance, an Information Technology Certification, and a number of vendor certifications from Microsoft, CompTia and others. He's also co-authored two published books: "VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center" and "Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center" and acted as technical editor for two popular Virtualization "For Dummies" books. With his remaining spare time, David founded and operates one of the oldest independent virtualization news blogs, And co-founded, a publication dedicated to Cloud Computing. Starting in 2009 and continuing all the way to 2016, David has been honored with the vExpert distinction by VMware for his virtualization evangelism.

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