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July 15, 2015

Q&A: @ControlUp Brings Performance and Monitoring to VDI at #VMworld 2015 - Booth 2629

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As part of VMblog's live VMworld 2015 coverage coming up next month, we're getting our schedule ready to learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can.  And I know show attendees are doing the same.  The exhibit area is always packed with interesting vendors showing off their wares -- so how do you know who to visit?  Who do you put on your schedule with so many vendors and such little time?  Over the years, I've found it important to get a game plan setup and do so early.

This year, VMblog is adding ControlUp to its must see list.  With ControlUp, the company provides users with the end-user's perspective through a panoramic view of the virtual network - all hosts, VM servers and users, including sessions and processes.  With it, you can easily monitor and manage performance through ControlUp's actionable dashboard to resolve issues more quickly.  And then analyze real business activity and the health of your VDI environment through automated reports and industry insights.

I spoke with ControlUp ahead of the show to find out more about what they are doing at VMworld 2015.

VMblog:  You guys are sponsoring the upcoming VMworld 2015 event in San Francisco.  What type of booth do you have this year, and how can folks find you?

ControlUp:  We are located at booth #2629.  We are an exhibitor level, which means we're in a 10x10 booth.

VMblog:  Anything interesting about this year's booth setup?

ControlUp:  Actually, with a 10x10 space - there isn't a lot we can do there...

VMblog:  Well, that's probably true.  But tell me, why should an attendee put your booth on their MUST SEE list this year?

ControlUp:  Any SysAdmin who is in charge of their VDI environment will not want to miss ControlUp - the best real-time performance and monitoring product of all time for HorizonView, XenApp XenDesktop, RDS, etc.  And a must see, ControlUp Insights -  ​a new historical reporting and trending module!  With ControlUp Insights you can proactively apply best practices, review the health of your VDI network and get definitive answers to everyday IT questions.

VMblog:  If an attendee likes what they see at your booth... what message about your product can you send them back with to sell their boss on your technology?

ControlUp:  30-day free trial and affordable pricing.

VMblog:  What do you like most about sponsoring VMworld?  Why is this a must sponsor event for your company?

ControlUp:  As VMware is the defacto standard for the virtualization layer and with the aggressive entrance of VMware in the end-user computing space - we see VMworld as one of the best places to reach SysAdmins who are dealing with day-to-day VDI environment issues and need an all in one dashboard to pinpoint and resolve those issues.

VMblog:  Can you give VMblog readers a sneak peek as to what you will be showing off at your booth this year?

ControlUp:  In order to properly manage your VDI environment, you need to know how it is affecting your end-users in order to ​solve day-to-day issues ​and tune your environment.  With ControlUp you get: 

  • Performance visibility - including monitoring and management
  • All of the metrics you need in order to measure end-user experience
  • Automated historical reports and insights

VMblog:  Sounds like great features!  Can you explain to readers what makes your product unique? 

ControlUp:  With a 5-minute set-up, ControlUp is an "out-of-the-box" experience that gives you a combination of host metrics with Guest O/S metrics, contextual management actions on top of total real-time visibility and easy to use historical reporting.

VMblog:  This isn't your first VMworld as a sponsor, is it? 

ControlUp:  This is our second year as a sponsor.

VMblog:  What do you remember about your first VMworld sponsorship? 

ControlUp:  We had a great experience last year.  The conference was a lot of fun.  We did find it a bit tough to reach the VDI crowd within the entire audience. 

VMblog:  So for this year, what are you guys looking forward to most?

ControlUp:  Great audience, great discussion and demos with smart VDI SysAdmins - and the opportunity to network with VMware and virtualization experts.

VMblog:  Finally, I have to ask!  Most attendees enjoy a good giveaway or trade show tchotchke.  Are you guys giving away anything special or interesting this year?

ControlUp:  Nothing says pure geekiness like Silly Putty and SysAdmin Squad t-shirts!


Thanks to ControlUp for talking to VMblog about the upcoming VMworld show.  These guys obviously have some really interesting technology worth checking out... plus, it sounds like you might want to swing by and grab a T-Shirt and some Silly Putty at booth #2629.

Last modified on July 15, 2015
David Marshall

David Marshall has been involved in the technology industry for over 19 years, and he's been working with virtualization software since 1999. He was able to become an industry expert in virtualization by becoming a pioneer in that field - one of the few people in the industry allowed to work with Alpha stage server virtualization software from industry leaders: VMware (ESX Server), Connectix and Microsoft (Virtual Server).

Through the years, he has invented, marketed and helped launch a number of successful virtualization software companies and products. David holds a BS degree in Finance, an Information Technology Certification, and a number of vendor certifications from Microsoft, CompTia and others. He's also co-authored two published books: "VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center" and "Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center" and acted as technical editor for two popular Virtualization "For Dummies" books. With his remaining spare time, David founded and operates one of the oldest independent virtualization news blogs, VMblog.com. And co-founded CloudCow.com, a publication dedicated to Cloud Computing. Starting in 2009 and continuing all the way to 2016, David has been honored with the vExpert distinction by VMware for his virtualization evangelism.

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