VMTurbo’s Software-Driven Control platform enables organizations to manage cloud and enterprise virtualization environments to assure application performance while maximizing infrastructure efficiency. VMTurbo’s patented market-based approach dynamically examines real-time performance characteristics, resource capacity, system constraints and service level priorities across the environment to determine, implement and adjust resource configurations and workload placement. It then applies economic principles of supply and demand to find the equilibrium point. This drives the necessary actions to bring the environment into balance — and keep it there as demands fluctuate— quickly, automatically, continuously and efficiently. The software allows enterprises to meet service levels and business goals, and is the only technology capable of closing the loop in IT operation by automating the decision-making process to maintain an environment in a healthy state.

As cloud environments grow, enterprises need to trust software in order to ensure that the best decisions are being made throughout the entire infrastructure, keeping everything running smoothly. VMTurbo’s patented technology is the only way to automate this process – allowing you to fully harness the power of virtualization.

The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010 and since that time more than 10,000 users worldwide have deployed the platform, including JP Morgan Chase, Aetna, Colgate-Palmolive and Salesforce.com. Using VMTurbo, our customers ensure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing their most valuable infrastructure and human resources most efficiently.

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