May 09, 2023

VMblog #VEEAMON 2023 QA: Find Out What Cloudian Has Planned for the Event

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Ready for VeeamOn 2023 Expand?  Will you be in attendance?  Make sure to visit with Cloudian.

VeeamON 2023, the community event for data recovery experts, is taking place both physically in Miami, Florida as well as digitally as an online event. The event kicks off May 22 - 25, 2023 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Get started by reading this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian, a leader in data management software for the hybrid cloud.


VMblog: Can you give VMblog readers a quick overview of the company?

Jon Toor:  For Veeam customers, Cloudian is an ideal on-prem, scale-out backup target. Our core product is Cloudian HyperStore, which is S3-compatible object storage software and appliances. We have multiple Veeam Ready validations, including "Object", "Object with Immutability", and the new validation for Veeam v12, "Repository."

VMblog: What will VeeamON attendees be most interested to know about your company/technology? Why will they want to add you to their MUST SEE list at the show?

Toor:  Visit Cloudian to learn about our integration with Veeam v12, the new version of Veeam that revolutionizes data protection with a direct-to-object workflow. For the first time, you can simplify your backup architecture by employing object storage at all storage tiers, including the primary tier. With this, you can achieve cost savings up to 70%. The technical experts at our booth can discuss your needs and show you how easy it is to simplify your backup workflow.

VMblog: Diving into your company's technology a bit more, can you give readers a few examples of how your offerings are unique? What are your differentiators?

Toor:  Cloudian is unique because our product is both simple and limitlessly scalable. Simple because it's built on a single software image. To grow, you simply add more instances of that single image. Limitlessly scalable because it can start small and grow... without interruption! Unlike competitive systems that have complex, multi-layered architectures, Cloudian is fully peer-to-peer, with parallel processing to scale both capacity and performance.

VMblog: What does your partnership with Veeam look like? How does your product fit within the Veeam ecosystem?

Toor:  As a five-year Veeam partner, Cloudian has worked extensively with Veeam engineers and customers to optimize our system for Veeam environments. This ensures plug-and-play interoperability, high-performance, and simple management. Cloudian has hundreds of enterprise-scale deployments with Veeam, making us experts in crafting and implementing Veeam-based architectures.

VMblog: What are some of the big challenges that you believe VeeamON attendees are facing in 2023? And how does your company help solve them?

Toor:  Cost and ransomware protection are two key challenges we address. On cost, Cloudian can save up to 70% vs backup to cloud. And your costs are always known upfront, so there are no surprise bills. On ransomware protection, Cloudian protects data with Object Lock integration with Veeam. Furthermore, Cloudian has the most government security certifications of any object storage, making it ideal for regulated environments and government.

VMblog: If you were giving the keynote presentation at VeeamON 2023, what would your topic be about?

Toor:  Our topic would be Veeam v12 and the direct-to-object workflow. If you haven't thought about this concept, and how it can simplify your backup workflow, you're probably spending too much. Visit us and we will show you the savings.

VMblog: What is it about VeeamON that makes you want to sponsor?

Toor:  Cloudian is a Veeam expert. Our customers want a backup target that is simple, scalable, reliable, and highly cost-effective. We believe that fits perfectly with the needs of the VeeamON community.

VMblog: Attendees are ready to once again throw some amazing tchotchke into their swag bags. Are you giving away anything special at this event?

Toor:  Our mascot is the lovable Storage Ninja, so please stop by and pick up a Storage Ninja for yourself!

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