October 24, 2023

VMblog's #KubeCon 2023 Spotlight Video: Ambassador Labs, Aserto, BellSoft, CloudCasa, JFrog, and SentinelOne

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Join us for a special VMblog spotlight video ahead of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023, with Ambassador Labs, Aserto, BellSoft, CloudCasa, JFrog, and SentinelOne, six innovative companies that are leading the way in Kubernetes and cloud native computing.

These companies are at the forefront of developing new technologies and solutions that are helping organizations to build, deploy, and manage their cloud native applications more effectively and efficiently.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • Ambassador Labs: Ambassador Labs is revolutionizing the way development teams code, test, ship and run Kubernetes applications. Their flagship products, Edge Stack and Telepresence, are used by global enterprises to accelerate deployment and facilitate collaboration across the full lifecycle of cloud native software delivery. Ambassador Labs was an early Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source project contributor, and their Emissary-ingress and Telepresence projects are used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide.

  • Aserto: Aserto is a cloud-native authorization platform that enables organizations to implement fine-grained access control for their applications and data. Aserto's fine-grained approach to authorization makes it easy to define and manage complex access policies, and to ensure that users only have access to the resources they need. 

  • BellSoft: BellSoft is a major contributor to the OpenJDK project, and Liberica JDK, our branded OpenJDK runtime, is the Java runtime of choice for VMware, Spring Framework, JetBrains, and millions of users around the world. We are the only OpenJDK vendor that supports all LTS Java versions, legacy JDK 6 & 7 and Liberica NIK, the GraalVM-based native-image compiler. Our Java platform, Liberica JDK, provides a unified Java experience across the organization, delivering a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective approach to application development on any platform and in any environment. Liberica JDK Performance Edition, currently available for JDK 11 and expected for JDK 8, allows you to boost your app’s performance with JVM 17 features without migration. Performance Edition is available in Alpaquita containers, which is critical for enterprise cloud-based Java development.

  • CloudCasa: CloudCasa by Catalogic provides innovative multi-cloud data protection, migration, and disaster recovery for Kubernetes applications and cloud data services. CloudCasa is fully compatible and complementary to Velero, the open-source Kubernetes backup tool that has been downloaded over 100 million times.

  • JFrog: Driven by a “Liquid Software” vision, the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform is a single system of record that powers organizations to build, manage, and distribute software quickly and securely, ensuring it is available, traceable, and tamper-proof. The integrated security features also help identify, protect, and remediate against threats and vulnerabilities. JFrog’s hybrid, universal, multi-cloud platform is available as both self-hosted and SaaS services across major cloud service providers. Millions of users and 7K+ customers worldwide, including a majority of the Fortune 100, depend on JFrog solutions to securely embrace digital transformation.

  • SentinelOne: SentinelOne is a cybersecurity company that provides the world's first Singularity XDR platform. SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform detects, prevents, and responds to cyber attacks at machine speed, empowering organizations to secure endpoints, cloud workloads, containers, identities, and mobile and network-connected devices with speed, accuracy and simplicity.

This video is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in learning more about the latest innovations in Kubernetes and cloud native computing. It is also a great resource for organizations that are looking for new solutions to help them build, deploy, and manage their cloud native applications more effectively and efficiently.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is the premier event for Kubernetes and cloud native computing. It is taking place in November 2023, and these six companies will be showcasing their latest products and solutions at the event. If you are attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, be sure to visit their booths to learn more about how their solutions can help you to succeed in your cloud native journey.

Last modified on October 26, 2023
Brian Ducharme

Brian is an event reporter for VMBlog.com and an expert in virtualization/cloud techonlogies.  In his 15+ years of experience in the virtualization/cloud field he has interviewed hundreds of companies, users and executives.  Brian has been an active member of the NEVMUG (NEVTUG) since 2006 and attends both vmworld and Citrix Synergy every year.  Brian works full time as a Senior Software Engineer for Liquidware Labs.

Brian also spent 5 years as the managing editor of Virtual Strategy Magazine, an online magazine focused on the virtualization industry and has been with vmblog since 2011. He has a background in Computer Graphics, Marketing, Programming, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Linux Administration and is an active member of the NHJS group. 


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