April 17, 2024

VMblog DISRUPT 2024 QA: Citrix will highlight its app and desktop virtualization enhancements targeted for IGEL and its zero trust security for SaaS and web apps

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Ready for DISRUPT 2024 in Miami?  Will you be in attendance?  Make sure to visit with Citrix.

DISRUPT is back. Bigger and better than ever before. And this year, "Now & Next" will be a central theme at IGEL DISRUPT 24.

DISRUPT 2024 is perhaps the single most important EUC event of the year - bringing together the leading disruptors of the EUC universe.  The event takes place in Miami, Florida, from April 29 through May 1, at the Diplomat Beach Resort.

Get started by reading this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Adam Lotz, Director of Product Marketing, Virtual Apps and Desktops at Citrix.

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VMblog:  First things first, tell us a little bit about Citrix.

Adam Lotz:  Citrix has been a leader in the EUC space for decades, solving the complex problems facing IT around delivering secure access to applications and desktops.  As we've grown, we've tied in complementary technologies, making it easier than ever before to connect users in or out of the office to the critical business applications and resources they need. 

We've seen fundamental shifts in IT over the last few years, and find that many of our customers are still trying to find the right balance in their work environments and IT deployments.  To that end, we've been focused on enabling IT with the Citrix platform, a one stop solution which encompasses app and desktop virtualization, networking, ZTNA access to web and SaaS apps, and observability - at enterprise scale and security.

VMblog:  Talk about your technology, what problems do you solve?  And how are you considered unique?

Lotz:  The first thing that comes to mind that's unique about Citrix is our ICA protocol and the high-performance HDX technology that provides our industry-leading user experience for virtualized environments.  This encompasses dozens of technologies and hundreds of optimizations which we have evolved over time to fit the changing needs of business.  Twenty years ago that may have been about servicing users with low bandwidth connections, but today there's a focus on interactive voice and video, medical imaging, 3D applications, and more.    But Citrix is much more than that - we have an incredibly broad product portfolio that is being used worldwide to provide mission-critical access to apps and desktops. 

Another key differentiator for Citrix is our hybrid strategy. We aren't trying to force our customers into a one-size-fits-all model - we're here to support you in deciding where your workloads fit best - on-premises, in public cloud, or both.  We give you the tools to manage those resources effectively, choosing the right balance of technology for your business.

VMblog:  How do you partner with IGEL?  What does that partnership look like?  How long have you been a partner?

Lotz:  Citrix and IGEL have had a longstanding relationship, because we've been so well aligned in our goals of helping customers improve experience and security, while reducing IT spending and complexity.   At the engineering level, we're focused on enabling IGEL solutions with the latest advancements from Citrix - so that end users across any device type have a consistent experience, and admins can benefit from the enhanced security, manageability, and sustainability of Igel clients.

VMblog:  What do you plan to show off at your booth at IGEL DISRUPT 2024?

Lotz:  We'll have lots of technology on display - from our app and desktop virtualization enhancements targeted for IGEL, to our zero trust security for SaaS and web apps - including our new Enterprise Browser.  Disrupt 24 is taking place just a short drive from our Florida HQ, so we'll have product managers and technology leaders available for discussions around implementation, strategy, and future direction.

VMblog:  What is it that you like about the DISRUPT event?  Why do you believe this is a much needed event?

Lotz:  It feels like we're just getting back to a normal event season after the last few years - it's great to have Igel running an EUC-focused event where we can all come together and discuss technology with customers, partners, and other industry experts.  Igel addresses key security and manageability use cases for our customers, and DISRUPT provides a great opportunity to discuss the newest innovations in the EUC space.

VMblog:  What do you attribute to the growing success of End User Computing?  Why has it become so popular lately?

Lotz:  The rise in hybrid workforces over the past few years has seen a corresponding rise of security incidents and security concerns. Traditional access methods such as VPN provide too much access - companies want to adapt and provide conditional access depending on the end user's unique use case.  EUC has risen to meet this challenge, providing features and functionality to address these concerns, with unified management and monitoring for the entire end user stack. As companies struggle to find the right balance between remote working and return to office, EUC offers a reliable, secure solution for any IT deployment.

VMblog:  How do you and your solution help with the growth of the EUC market?  Where does your technology fit?

Lotz:  The Citrix platform enables global enterprises to simplify complex, multi-vendor environments, maximize value and focus on successful application delivery to any user, anywhere.  Enterprise IT environments have become increasingly fractured and costly to operate, with different solutions and infrastructure dependencies depending on use case and access method. That's why we are taking a streamlined approach by building a unified solution that gives IT zero-trust access, best-in-class app and desktop virtualization, and high-performance application delivery with comprehensive security.

VMblog:  Where do you see the EUC market headed?

Lotz:  The EUC market has a bright future - and we'll continue to innovate features and functionality that aid IT teams in managing the complexity that comes with hybrid work.  There's lots of buzz in the industry about the changing landscape of applications, AI, and workstyles in general - and EUC is uniquely positioned to deliver on enterprise goals for all types of users.

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