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September 02, 2015

Zenoss - vmworld 2015

VMBlog speaks with Zenoss and learns more about Zenoss 5 and zenpacks.

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As part of VMblog's live VMworld 2015 coverage coming up at the end of this month, we're getting our schedule ready to learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can. But with so many vendors exhibiting at the show, how do you know who to get on your schedule and which booths to visit?

I was glad to hear that Zenoss, a company in my backyard of Austin, will again be showcasing their wares at VMworld. These guys are really fun and interesting! And they've got some really great technology in this space. Back in May of this year, I had a really good deep dive into their products since I attended the company's first ever Zenoss GalaxZ User Conference. One of the big takeaways from this user conference was how much Zenoss values its customers. And I was also exposed to the company's "Own IT" mantra.

Zenoss technology delivers a quick and precise insight into potentially affected services so you can fix the problem before your business and users are impacted. You’ll know what events are putting your critical services at risk, and you’ll have the right context and information to act faster to resolve the prioritized problems before your services are impacted. They also help you stay ahead of the curve by uncovering trends and patterns to help you optimize your IT resources and plan capacity more effectively, a critical capability required to keep your services running. And, you’ll be able to quickly scale horizontally and vertically to handle your hybrid IT environment.

Get Zenoss on your schedule, and make sure to ask them about their ZenPacks! Find out more ahead of the show by reading the below Q&A interview with the company:

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Greg Stock, CEO, Zenoss, talks why he joined the company, the team, and the key to winning in the growing market of intelligent data centers.

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August 26, 2014

Zenoss - VMworld 2014

VMBlog gets a demo of Zenoss at vmworld 2014.

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August 28, 2013

Zenoss - vmworld 2013

VMblog speaks with Zenoss during vmworld 2013

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August 29, 2012

Zenoss - vmworld 2012

VMBlog.com interviews Zenoss at vmworld 2012 in San Francisco, CA.

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