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Selecting the right ingress controller is critical to the success of your Kubernetes deployment - but the choice can be challenging given that there are more than a dozen popular options listed in the Kubernetes documentation alone. Ingresses themselves provide the ability to define the way that external (as well as internal) traffic is routed to services in your cluster. For example, an ingress can be used to add externally-reachable URLs to services, load balance traffic, terminate SSL and TLS, and provide name-based virtual hosting.

Containous, the leading cloud-native networking company, today announced the general availability of Traefik 2.0. The major release of the open-source cloud-native edge router comes as Traefik recently crossed 1 billion software downloads from Docker Hub. This 2.0 release builds upon the wildly successful initial version of Traefik and is Containous' most significant release to date. This new release gives software development teams even more control and networking capabilities for their applications.

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