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As part of our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2020 coverage, VMblog visits with Douglas Fallstrom, co-founder and SVP of Products & Operations at Hammerspace, a software-defined hybrid cloud file storage company.

In this video, we discuss a number of items, including where Kubernetes and Cloud technologies are headed into 2021, how 2020 affected the way the company and its clients operate, and we find out more about the company, its technologies, how they differentiate in the market, and also what's new with their latest solution.  Watch and learn more as Douglas Fallstrom walks us through a demo of their product.

Hammerspace is storageless data for hybrid cloud Kubernetes environments. By untethering data from the infrastructure, Hammerspace overcomes data gravity to provide dynamic and efficient hybrid cloud storage as a fully automated, consumption-based resource. Users self-service their persistent data orchestration to enable workload portability from the cloud to the edge.

Learn more about Hammerspace by visiting: https://hammerspace.com.  And get a FREE license: https://hammerspace.com/10-tb/

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2020 goes digital.  Will you be in attendance?  If the event were physical, we would have looked forward to visiting with Hammerspace.  So we reached out to them digitally instead.

Read this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Trip Hunter, SVP of Corporate Marketing at Hammerspace, the software-defined hybrid cloud file storage company.


Kubernetes understood its limitations and, therefore, left storage out. Provisioning compute is a distinctly different discipline than provisioning storage. Kubernetes introduced the notion of Persistent Volumes (PV) and Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) to manage the challenge of providing persistent storage to non-persistent applications, such as Kubernetes Pods. They are APIs that decouple the what from the how or, in other words, consumption from implementation details. It is a highly useful disaggregation that turns infrastructure into reusable storage pools for Kubernetes Pods. 

October 06, 2020


As a software-defined data platform for Kubernetes, Hammerspace provides dynamic, efficient and fully automated hybrid cloud storage that lets users self-service their consumption of persistent data, making storage a disposable and invisible resource.

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