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In this exclusive VMblog video interview as part of our VMware Explore US 2023 coverage, we speak with Phil Trickovic, SVP, Revenue at Tintri, a DDN subsidiary and a leading provider of VM-aware, AI-powered data management solutions.

Watch as we learn more about Tintri and their technology. The company is delivering purpose-built solutions to store and manage virtual machines in enterprise data centers. With Tintri, VMware users can enjoy a simplified VM-aware and hands-free environment that's largely automated and familiar to virtualization staff.

During the interview, Trickovic provides a deeper dive into Tintri, and talks about why they don't have an apple to apple competitor in the market. He also describes the company's partnership and deep integration with VMware and what that looks like.

At VMware Explore, they will be making a few new announcements that are high value and worth looking into.  Make sure you visit their booth to find out!

Don't miss this exclusive interview.

You can also visit: https://tintri.com
And check out their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5d54NDqMuac6Kbd7fprdZg

Published in VMware Explore 2023

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