August 22, 2023

Azure Arc-enabled VMware vSphere and Hybrid Distributed Clouds: Video Interview with Microsoft | VMware Explore 2023

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In this exclusive VMblog video interview as part of our VMware Explore US 2023 coverage, we speak with Jeff Woolsey, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft.

During this interview, Woolsey takes us on a journey across a number of topics being worked on by his group at Microsoft, many of which will be highlighted on stage, during breakout sessions, and certainly at the Microsoft booth at VMware Explore.

Watch this video as we discuss how Microsoft partners with VMware. And beyond that, how Microsoft works with VMware users and implementations. As a VMware user, you'll want to learn more about Azure VMware Solution, running your VMware workloads natively on Azure.  Seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from your datacenter to Azure and integrate your VMware environment with Azure. Best of all, keep managing your existing environments with the same VMware tools you already know, while you modernize your applications with Azure native services.

Woolsey also introduces us to Azure Arc, the overarching brand for a suite of Azure hybrid products that extend specific Azure public cloud services and/or management capabilities beyond Azure to on-premises environments and 3rd-party clouds.

Azure Arc-enabled VMware vSphere allows users to perform various VMware virtual machine (VM) lifecycle operations directly from Azure, such as create, start/stop, resize, and delete. And empower developers and application teams to self-serve VM operations on-demand using Azure role-based access control (RBAC).

Get ready for Microsoft to explore more of their Azure strategy and hybrid distributed cloud at VMware Explore.

Jump straight in:
0:00 - Intro
0:18 - Welcome to Jeff Woolsey, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft
0:37 - Background on Microsoft and the Azure group
1:14 - How does Microsoft partner with VMware?
2:48 - What problems do you solve for VMware users?
5:00 - Providing a deeper dive into the Microsoft solutions, including Azure Arc
7:02 - What makes Microsoft unique and differentiated?
9:21 - Any new announcements being made at VMware Explore?
9:50 - Wrap up

Brian Ducharme

Brian is an event reporter for and an expert in virtualization/cloud techonlogies.  In his 15+ years of experience in the virtualization/cloud field he has interviewed hundreds of companies, users and executives.  Brian has been an active member of the NEVMUG (NEVTUG) since 2006 and attends both vmworld and Citrix Synergy every year.  Brian works full time as a Senior Software Engineer for Liquidware Labs.

Brian also spent 5 years as the managing editor of Virtual Strategy Magazine, an online magazine focused on the virtualization industry and has been with vmblog since 2011. He has a background in Computer Graphics, Marketing, Programming, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Linux Administration and is an active member of the NHJS group. 





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