May 01, 2024

VMblog's IGEL DISRUPT24 interview with James Millington of IGEL

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Get an inside look at the latest innovations and strategic vision of IGEL Technologies in this insightful discussion with James Millington, VP of Vertical Solutions at IGEL, from their flagship DISRUPT 2024 event in Miami Beach.

James kicks off the conversation by reflecting on IGEL's recent brand relaunch and repositioning, emphasizing their focus on providing a secure endpoint operating system for "now and next." He delves into the evolving landscape of end-user computing, where traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) strategies are giving way to a more diverse approach, incorporating desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and SaaS applications.

Highlighting the growth of these cloud-based models, James underscores the need to rethink endpoint strategies and introduces IGEL OS as a better solution for modern digital workspaces. He emphasizes the preventative security model of IGEL OS, which includes a read-only operating system, modular design, and trusted boot process, effectively removing attack vectors and reducing the need for complex security stacks. James also shares compelling customer examples, demonstrating how IGEL's solutions can significantly reduce operating expenses while extending the life of endpoint devices, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved total cost of ownership (TCO).

Furthermore, James provides an exclusive sneak peek into IGEL's upcoming partnership announcements with Microsoft, including the addition of Microsoft Intune support for IGEL OS devices. This integration enables conditional access rules from Azure Active Directory to be applied to IGEL devices, further enhancing security and streamlining IT management across heterogeneous environments.

Don't miss this engaging conversation as James shares his insights into the future of end-user computing and IGEL's innovative solutions. Gain a deeper understanding of the trends, technologies, and partnerships driving the evolution of secure, cost-effective, and high-performance digital workspaces.

Brian Ducharme

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