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As part of our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 coverage, VMblog visited with Ronak Rahman, Developer Relations Manager at Quali.

Quali provides the leading platform for Environments-as-a-Service. Global 2000 enterprises rely on Quali's infrastructure automation and control plane platform to support the continuous delivery of application software at scale. Quali delivers greater control and visibility over infrastructure, so businesses can increase engineering productivity and velocity, understand and manage cloud costs, optimize infrastructure utilization and mitigate risk.

In this video, Ronak Rahman provides a quick overview of the company, and then goes into more detail on how they fit within the ecosystem being discussed at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022. Learn more about the types of problems that they solve for users, and any specific use cases.

Listen in as Rahman provides a run down of the company's technology offerings, what it does, and what makes it unique and differentiated. Rahman also talks about a new announcement being made at KubeCon, get a sneak peek. And then, find out what big themes and trends Quali expects for 2023. Stick around until the end and watch a demo to learn more.

Learn more about Quali by visiting: https://www.quali.com

Get a free trial: https://www.quali.com/start-trial/

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