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About a third of Americans are now working from home, more ever than before.  And quite simply, that's due in large part because of COVID-19 and the pandemic that was unleashed across the globe this year. 

In this latest VMblog #WorkFromHome Series, we're exploring what technology means in this current paradigm shift of working remotely.  And in order to do that, we're reaching out to industry experts to help shine a light on the subject.  We're asking these experts to offer up their opinions and advice on what's taking place now and where things go in the future. 

In this Q&A, VMblog connected with industry expert, Paul Vallée, Founder and CEO of Tehama, to get his opinion on the work from home topic and at the same time, find out more about the company's Virtual Office as a Service solution.

Published in Work From Home 2020

Tehama is one of the fastest, easiest, most secure ways to deploy a virtual workforce.  With their Virtual Office as a Service platform, enterprises can create cloud-based virtual offices, rooms, and desktops anywhere in the world.  They pride themselves on their ability to connect remote workers with mission-critical and data-sensitive systems, with speed, agility, unparalleled security, and a comprehensive audit trail via built-in SOC 2 controls, real-time activity feeds and session recordings.

If you are looking for answers for your own organization on how to solve problems with migrating employees to a #workfromhome format, watch as Paul Vallée, founder and CEO of Tehama, shares his expertise on a number of topics, including how his solution helps enable a work from home strategy.

Vallée talks about security challenges affecting work from home, provides tips and tricks on what companies should be doing to prepare for the next disaster, and describes what type of technologies are beneficial with this new #remotework paradigm switch.

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Published in Work From Home 2020

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