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As part of our VMworld 2020 coverage, VMblog visited with Tim Woods, VP, Technology Alliances at FireMon, a leading network security policy management company that brings visibility, control, agility and automation to enterprise cloud and hybrid network infrastructure.

In this video, we discuss trade shows like VMworld becoming digital events and what that means, how companies have moved to a work from home lifestyle, and how FireMon operates with VMware as a partner. Watch and learn as Tim Woods explains more about the company's technology, and offers a view into the product.

FireMon is an agile network security policy platform for firewalls and cloud security groups, providing the fastest way to streamline network security policy management, one of the biggest impediments to IT and enterprise agility. Since creating the first-ever network security policy management solution, FireMon has delivered command and control over complex network security infrastructures for more than 1,700 customers located in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Learn more about FireMon by visiting: https://www.firemon.com

Published in vmworld 2020

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