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The global pandemic has made enabling work from home integral to IT everywhere. For this reason, enterprises are searching for endpoint solutions that work. In order to function at the level needed and required, however, the standard is incredibly high. It requires a perfect combination of flexibility, power and security. None of these can be left out in order to achieve perfect synergy.

To handle the complexity of remote work, IT must be able to walk the tightrope between enabling remote work while ensuring ongoing security. For many, this will mean leveraging virtual desktops - either from on-premises data centers or Cloud based virtual desktops.

Doing so offers several significant benefits.

Work from anywhere: virtual desktops are centrally located, and not housed on the endpoint device. This means not housing confidential data on endpoints.

Work from any device: virtual and cloud desktops enable employees to access vital applications from any device, even personal devices, when used with the right endpoint solution.

For many organizations, achieving this will also mean providing VPN connectivity, or an alternative method for ensuring secure connection to the corporate network.

Published in Work From Home 2020

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