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While at the IGEL #DisruptEUC 2018 conference in Austin, TX, VMblog spoke with industry expert and VDI fan favorite Brian Madden. Brian is recognized around the world as an independent expert in the desktop and application virtualization industry. Brian has spent 20+ years in IT, and EUC and VDI followers know him best for his many, many years with BrianMadden.com, the website he founded back in 2003, as well as his wildly popular BriForum events which ran from 2005-2016.

Brian Madden left the industry in 2016 to pursue other interests. But, VMblog was fortunate to speak with him when he momentarily surfaced at the IGEL disruptEUC event as a guest speaker to talk about IoT -- find out why he calls it, "dumb."

Published in IGEL Disrupt 2018

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