May 22, 2013

Citrix Synergy Keynote Announcements

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Some of the major announcements that came out of today's keynote centered around 3 areas: XenDesktop, Xen Mobile and FileShare, bringing last years vision of Project Avalon to fruision.

Citrix Innovation Awards Finalists:

  • Miami Children's Hospital
  • Essar - India
  • USP - Brazil

Winner:  University of Sao Paulo


  • XenDesktop 7
  • XenDesktop Player for Mac
  • XenMobile
  • FileShare


Xen Desktop 7 is the first release related to Project Avalon

  • Automated install and Deploy
  • 2 Consoles - XenDesktop Studio and XenDesktop Director
  • HDX Insight - End-to-end monitoring for HDX traffic
  • Included in XenDesktop 7:
    • Workload Provisioning
    • App-by-App publishing
    • Windows app migration
  • HDX Mobile:
    • HD Video over 3G
    • 100% increase in WAN efficiency
    • Smooth Scroll, gestures and pop-up keyboard
    • Mobile SDK for Windows Apps - Integrate with 1 line of code or use WROX wrapper


Extreme SaaS-fication from NVIDIA:

  • Demo from Jen-Hsun Huang - CEO & Co-Founder, NVIDIA
  • Demo of running PhotoShop from the cloud on an iPad Mini
    • Liquify, 3D and Oil paint filters where demo'd in order to show the responsiveness
    5 Windows Workstations all running concurrently on a Mac over Citrix Viewer powered by NVIDIA Grid vGPU
    • Full rendered Audi in 3D app (RTT DeltaGen)
    • Adobe Premier realtime render of 4K video
    • Virtualized Desktop running AutoCad
    • Siemens TeamCenter Visualization Professional
    • Leap Motion Visualizer using finger gesture recogonition 

XenDesktop 7 Editions:

  • VDI Edition
  • App Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Platinum Edition

 Available in June 2013


  • Provision security, apps and data to mobile devices
  • Seamless Windows integration
    • Integrate any windows app
    • easily connect to XenDesktop
  • Worx Enroll - Self-service device registration
  • Worx Home - Install enterprise apps on home devices
  • Demo of XenMobile Worx Home on iPhone 5
  • Support from GoTo Assist integration
  • Works on all mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • MDX Technology integration for security
  • Included Native Applications:
    • WorxMail
    • WorxWeb
    • ShareFile
  • Demo of Apps demonstrated the issolation between Personal Apps and Corporate Apps
    • Demo'd on iPhone, Android phone and iPad
  • ShareFile has ability to edit documents from mobile devices (including PDF's)

WorxApp Gallery coming soon

NetScaler New Features:

  • Cloud-scale
  • Scale up, Scale In, Scale Out 
    • MPX - Physical Price Performance
    • VPX  -Virtual
    • SDX - Mutil-Tenant
  • SDX Now open to 3rd Party developers

Work Better. Live Better. was the key message that resonated through out the keynote.

Watch Live:

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